BH Energy Solutions handles and we claim your privacy in regard to the details we gather while you visit the BH Energy Solutions site. We collect the subsequent information during your site visit and viewing on

Website Visitors

BH Energy Solutions collect data like your web browser type, language preference, most viewed content, date & time when you access our website, etc. The purpose of all such information collection is to understand visitors' behavior and trends in this website's reach. We collect personal information like IP address, login user, passwords, email address, etc. of users who leave comments on the However, the collected information is only disclosed to administrators of the website and no unauthorized member can access such data.

BH Energy Solutions Site Visitors

BH Energy Solutions gathers information like the kind of search engine in your use, language selection, most liked content, and time of day when you gain access to our website, etc. The aim regarding data collection is to recognize the trends in this site's influence and actions of visitors. We save personal data like E-mail address, passwords, web address, user login, etc. of web users who post comments on However, all the complied data is only shared with site managers and there is no access of any unofficial member to such information.


Generally, we monitor site engagements by employing vendor tools like Google Analytics. These vendors can gather your device details, hidden data, address information, OS consumers, session timing, display resolution, etc.


Users are allowed to post reviews and comments below our site. Site visitor’s comments are saved automatically on our webpage as we have access to their IP address. After verification of your status, your comment accompanying your profile picture will be visible on our website to make sure the authenticity of the user.

Contact Details

As soon as you sign up and fill up your personal details in the information form it can be used for marketing and promotional objectives. All your given information is entirely secured and we won’t give access to any third-party user except to our management team.


Cookies are details of the clients like the name of a user, E-mail address, profile image, etc. that is saved for a period of one year. We employ cookies in order to avoid you from entering your details repeatedly at each visit. When you are done with the fill-up procedure, it will be secured in cookies and you can post comments later on.

There is another kind of temporary cookie which is used to save the details at the time you signed in to the website. And it will be discontinued at the time it is closed. Such types of cookies remain for two weeks and signed-in cookies will be discarded from your account. And if any consumer ever strives to publish any data on the website, cookies related to its IP address will be saved just for a single day.

User Rights Concerning Their Data

If you have followed our site, you are allowed to post comments, share your reviews, and like as per your preference. Users have access to undo any of their actions such as deleting comments, removing posts, etc. After confirmation, you can check or renew your data on distinctive platforms. However, the information mandatory for website safety and management won’t be removed.

If you do not find our privacy policy trustworthy, you can request us to delete all of your information saved on our server but the final decision would be ours. We can confine your details for legal purposes.

BH Energy Solutions’s privacy policy may alternate every once in a while so we recommend every visitor and regular user read it carefully on a daily basis to get informed with latest updates.