This is a Government backed Scheme

Should you wish to learn more please visit the GOV.UK website. The 'Affordable Warmth' part of the energy company's obligation provides for boiler funding.

It Takes Less Than a Minute to Find Out If you are Eligible

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Book Your Free Survey
Your Boiler is Installed
Your Boiler is Installed
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Enjoy Instant Benefit

Our Funding Process

Eligibility Check

Fill out the eligibility criteria form so our professional experts can contact and assist you with the further process. Once all the information is given, the expert team will choose the most appropriate Home insulation grants for you. They will also consider your requirements & property type to offer you a better experience.

Decide Survey Date

One of our survey team members will visit your residence to conduct a survey. You can decide the time at your convenience. This survey will help us identify the most effective options to reduce your energy consumption. As a result, you can save energy bills for your home.

Book Installation Time

Once your boiler free grant is approved, our qualified engineers will plan the complete installation of heating and insulation systems at your home. Consult with our team of engineers to decide the exact date and time. Normally upgradation or installation takes 2-4 hours however it could vary for larger areas. Enjoy government free boiler scheme 2023!

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Complete Guide for UK-Based Free Heat Grants

Eligibility Criteria for Free Grants

The initial step in the implementation of the ECO4 Scheme is in finding out whether you qualify for this grant or not. You can fill up the eligibility form online. Once you have specified all your details in the form, our team will get back to you for further proceeding. Our skilled professionals will select the most suitable heating installation grants for you. You will surely get benefits from UK grants in the long run.

Choose Survey Time

After you qualified for free heat grants, our inspection team would like to visit your home and perform a survey. You can choose the date and time according to your free slots. This survey will assist our experts to find out the most effective options for your property and heating system. In this way, you can save your money by availing government-free heat scheme 2023.

Decide Installation Date and Time

After completing the survey, the installation process will be started. Our team members will carry out the installation of the heating system at your home. You can also arrange a meeting with our experts to select an installation date and time according to your ease. The installation process completes in 2-4 hours but it may differ as per the location of areas.

ECO4 Government Grants for UK Residents

Insulation heat grants offer various schemes to assist UK residents financially by lowering their energy consumption. You can visit GOV.UK website to learn more regarding UK heat grants. ECO4 Scheme is one of the most significant approaches of UK grants for decreasing carbon emissions and energy bills.

BH Energy is a worth-trusting platform that searches out the best heating grants for free to eligible UK residents. It can lessen your financial burden by decreasing energy bills. Thus, you can save your income and get amazing benefits from heating grants.

To enjoy boiler grants you should qualify for the criteria. This criterion includes Money-related allowances, house ownership, or a heating system in use for more than 15 years. If you don’t qualify for these measures, it is suggested to get your hands on a new heat installation system. Eventually, you can select any heat replacement scheme as per your need.

Free Heating Installations & Regulations

BH Energy is a platform established in the UK to facilitate its residents financially. It is serving its customers to offer them a free ECO4 scheme nearby your residential area. From the initial step until the completion of ECO4 heat installation, our company helps throughout the process to satisfy its clients. We have years of experience to provide the best grants for free heat in the UK so feel free to contact us anytime.

If you want to avail new scheme or looking forward to a replacement grant, either case we facilitate you with the best services. We acknowledge your demands and prefer your needs to give you the most appropriate ECO4 scheme to lessen energy consumption. Once the home insulation grant is approved, our team will approach you for further proceedings. So step forward to avail free boiler grants and save your hard-earned income.

Avail Our Best Offers for a Reliable Service

Energy costs are too high to afford in the UK so it is essential to get the efficient heat grants to install an Eco-friendly energy system. A brand new ECO heating installation improves home insurance and it is also worth installing for free. Call us anytime for any query or discussion. Check if you claim any of the following benefits before applying!

  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Child Benefit with Threshold Apply
  • Child Tax Credit (CTC)
  • Universal Credit(UC)
  • Working Tax Credit(WTC)
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit(PCSC)
  • Housing Benefit